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food supplements promoting weight gain by stimulating appetite thanks to its unique component: FENUGREC

Do you know fenugreek? If you are told diet, you will be thinking about weight loss. Of course. But there are also diets intended to gain weight. Many people want to gain pounds. We think in particular of people looking for mass gain to practice a sport but also anorexics, sick and convalescent people or those who prefer with some curves

Good news for all these people: fenugreek helps you gain weight.

Dosage: 2 capsules per day to be taken before the meal with a large glass of water, in addition to a varied and balanced diet.


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The tradition: fenugreek to take shape in the Maghreb

Still little known in France, the consumption of fenugreek is common in the Maghreb. Its seeds are consumed there to gain weight as one takes coffee in France to wake up.

It is mothers who traditionally give it to their daughter at puberty to help them develop forms.

Being in shape is a symbol of femininity, fertility and above all good health.

Fenugreek is known to stimulate appetite. It’s a “grandmother’s recipe” that has helped whole generations. It has therefore been transmitted for centuries.

So, as we approach adulthood, mothers give it to their daughter so that they can cure for a few weeks in order to gain weight.

And it works, to the point where this tradition is commonly used today in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.

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