Moringa oil for hair 100ml
Moringa oil for hair 100ml
Moringa oil for hair 100ml
Moringa oil for hair 100ml

Moringa oil for hair 100ml

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you just need to use it as a hair mask to make before shampooing. Apply Moringa oil directly to your hair, emphasizing the tips, and leave on for at least half an hour (the longer, the better!). You just have to rinse and wash your hair. 


Moringa oil is distinguished by a very rich composition - close to that of olive oil - which makes it a remarkable hair care product. It is a powerful cocktail of remarkable active ingredients to hydrate, strengthen, protect and soften hair..


Moringa oil, a nourishing and restorative hair oil

Thanks to the richness of its composition, pure moringa oil is particularly effective in repairing damaged and weakened hair. Once applied, it hydrates the lengths and fights the forks, but also cleans, soothes irritations and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.

As a result, hair grows faster, stronger and healthier, becoming shiny, silky and soft to the touch.

For healthy hair

Moringa oil not only hydrates dry scalps with a dandruff tendency, but also helps stimulate hair growth, prevent split ends and strengthen the roots. Massage a few drops of oil on your scalp and leave it on overnight.

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    Excellent product (Translated review)

  • 5

    A wonder (Translated review)

  • 5

    The smell is not great but it matches the product (moringa based) but my hair loves it! Glia's products are now part of my hair routine! (Translated review)

  • 5

    I love this product yes soft hair ultra shiny and well moisturized I validate (Translated review)

  • 5

    Very good product. (Translated review)

  • 5

    It's a wonder my hair feels very soft. (Translated review)

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