Our Moringa and Castor oil treatments are 100% vegetable and made in France.

Our range of hair care products are often used as a complement to the treatment to reinforce its beneficial effects.

Discover our selection of top-of-the-range hair care products with Moringa, Argan and Ricin oils, 100% plant-based and made in France, designed to pamper your hair in depth. In the "Our treatments" category of Glia-Paris, we offer you four exceptional products.

Our nourishing serum for fragile hair is a real shine activator. Whether you use it to finish styling or to refresh your style, this serum gently closes the scales and smoothes the hair fibre, giving you a perfect finish. With no need to rinse, this serum penetrates deep down to intensely nourish your hair while enhancing shine. The result? Soft, silky hair that's beautifully healthy.

Our hair repair oil offers a multitude of benefits. It deeply nourishes hair, beautifies and softens it, restores shine, absorbs the sebum responsible for greasy hair, and rehydrates dry, dull hair for better balance. Fortifying from root to tip, this treatment also combats dandruff. What's more, this repairing oil, which is quite dry, can be used to soften and repair sensitive skin, even relieving the itching associated with eczema and psoriasis. This oil is miraculous.

Our keratin and hyaluronic acid mask caps are suitable for all hair types. These masks are nourishing, moisturising, repairing and restructuring. By using them regularly, you can give your hair a deep conditioning treatment, leaving it incredibly soft, silky and healthy-looking. Ideal twice a month.

Our Anti-Frizz Elixir is not just about frizz... it's the top product for protecting your hair from the stresses of everyday life. City pollution, sun, chlorine from swimming pools, sea salt. Argan oil softens hair and corrects frizz. Its protective action has already been proven. I'm not even going to mention its fragrance, which most of our customers have been raving about for the last 4 years, because there's still no equivalent on the market today.